Peace Studies 401: Black Lives Matter

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Peace Studies 401: Black Lives Matter

Senior Seminar – Black Theology in an American Context (1619-2019)

Core Objective: Each student will

– Develop awareness of African-American culture and history. As part of this objective each student will begin a process of critiquing and de-constructing the dominant cultural history she or he has been taught by American popular culture.

Course Objectives: Each student will

– Develop cross-cultural awareness

– Develop awareness of intersectionality as a conceptual frame of reference for describing and discussing racism and white supremacy as manifestations of social pathologies

– Develop a world view that understands and utilizes intersectionality as a framework for building cross-cultural friendships and collegial relationships with a wide variety of individuals

– Develop a personal commitment to cultural justice

– Develop awareness of the importance of presidential proclamations and executive orders

Transforming Cultures of Violence One Person at a Time, One Moment at a Time

Enduring Space