About Enduring Space

The phrase Enduring Space represents the present moment in time as it is experienced inside an individual’s human consciousness. It is in this present moment when individuals and their surrounding cultures simultaneously create and walk a living bridge from the past into the future. Thus, it is only in each present moment that individual and cultural transformation can take place.

Our historical past, as individuals and as entire cultures, is factually closed. While we can re-visit the past and re-interpret it in our mind, we cannot change the lived factual reality of any past moment. We can, therefore, visit our respective histories only by consulting our stored and encoded personal and cultural memories.

Our individual and collective future is only a mental construct. We create it in our mind and it includes fantasies, projections, predictions, prognostications, plans and possibilities. In as much as the future is not yet here, we can visit it only in our imagination.

It is, therefore, only in the spacious open and attentive consciousness of each present moment that human beings and entire cultures can deliberately choose to change course.  It is only by transforming any given present moment that we can alter and re-direct the bridge that we are building into a different life trajectory and future than the one that has been projected or previously predetermined by our individual and cultural history.

As this present moment yields to another present moment, the bridge from the past to the future allows for the possibility of human change.  If we wish to create a less violence-prone future than the one we inherited from the ancestors, then our individual and collective actions in each present moment must be attended to and transformed into less violent ones. Only in each present moment can we individually and collectively refuse to carry or transmit, as its human host, the living meme of human violence into the future.

Transforming Cultures of Violence One Person at a Time, One Moment at a Time

Enduring Space